The mobilization of youth is critical in achieving the Millennium Development Goals and in ensuring sustainability. It is hoped that with this web log, youths can share their problems on sustainability, share action plans and solutions in acting for sustainability problems. In this way, hopefully youths can learn from each other so that they can themselves implement problem solving actions in their own context for sustainability. The works posted on this blog can be used by anyone just as long as the original writers are credited and their contents not plagiarized.

This web log publishes attempts to achieve sustainability by students who participated in Community Problem Solving Projects conducted as coursework in the following courses:
1. PS3403- Multidisciplinary Approach to Sustainable Environment (Undergraduates and PGCE)
2. PS5221- Education for Sustainable Environmental (Master of Environmental Management)
3. PS5408- Education for Sustainable Environment (Master of Education)
4. Brunei Environment Action (BEAC) - Student development program 2006 and 2007
5. Breadth course - 2010 (proposed).


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